Our Services

At Law Offices Cytryn & Velazquez, P.A. we pride ourselves on providing superior customer service. Below you will find a brief list of the services provided to our clients. If you or a loved one would like to have our firm provide a free consultation for your personal injury or negligence case, please feel free to contact us using the form to your left or one of the other numerous ways found on our Contact Us page.


Here is a partial list of some of the services that we provide to you:

  • A 10 page document containing 40 items of information that is crucial to your accident case
  • We insulate you from insurance companies by having our employees handle crucial issues with them
  • We assist you in completing all forms relating to your automobile insurance claim to help you obtain the benefits that you are legally entitled to
  • We handle all negotiations concerning damages for your injuries
  • If an insurance company is entitled to obtaining a statement from you, we are by your side to assist you.
  • Let you know our opinion whether your case should be settled before filing a lawsuit, after filing a lawsuit, or whether we should take the case to a trial by jury
  • Conduct an investigation on your case by photographing the scene and automobiles, take measurements, if relevant, and take statements of witnesses
  • Advise you if you are entitled to money damages (compensation) for elements of damages pursuant to Florida law such as permanent impairment or disability, physical pain and suffering, mental distress or anguish, loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life, inconvenience, lost wages in the past and future, and medical bills in the past and future
  • We suggest and recommend medical doctors and health care providers and types of treatment required to get you better and maximize your recovery
What Makes Us Different From Other FirmsThe Way We Prepare For Trial

Successfully preparing for trial is essential to improving our chances of winning a case. Although most Florida personal injury cases settle before going to trial, the victim’s attorneys need to prepare the case for trial in order to get the best settlement possible, or reject an unfair settlement and be ready to go to court.

Here at the Law Offices of Cytryn & Velazquez, we do something that sets us apart from 90 percent of the law firms handling personal injury cases:

In any case that we file a lawsuit on, once we get near trial, we spend several thousand dollars to do what is called a jury simulation. We hire a company who then in turn hires a random group of 14 to 16 people to hear our case. This group is given both sides of the case and allowed to ask questions that they find significant or important in their deliberations.

This mock jury then breaks up into two groups and actually deliberates and decides the case in order to render a verdict. We videotape their questions, deliberations, and reasoning behind their ultimate verdict. Through this process, we are given an insight into exactly what a real jury might do with the case.

The videotaped session is recorded on CD to allow us to watch, as many times as necessary, the entire proceeding. We also type up the jurors’ questions, concerns, advice and suggestions that these mock jurors make, to better understand the case and to better understand the issues that a real jury might have. Ultimately, this process allows for great insight into what a prospective jury might do in any given case.

If the results between one jury panel and the other are inconsistent , then there's always the possibility that we may repeat the jury simulation. On some cases, we have actually done up to 3 separate jury simulations. If there's a wide spread in dollar verdicts between the panels’ results, we can certainly use that to measure the range that we think we'll get at trial.

These simulations help us plan strategy, help us understand our strengths and weaknesses in the case, and help us determine what avenues we have to use and what further discovery we need to do to better improve our chances of getting a large result at trial.