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Case Results

DISCLAIMER: Not all results are provided, the results are not necessarily representative of all results obtained by the lawyer or firm, and a prospective client's individual facts and circumstances may differ from the matter in which the results are provided. * indicates any update to case results.

  • $11,800,000
    Brain Injury*

    27-year-old woman on a moped was struck by a vehicle, resulting in a brain injury and $11.8 million dollar verdict. *Plaintiff appealed the verdict because of part of negligence which would've reduced it by two thirds. After the appeals court granted a new trial, case was settled in the second trial confidentially.

    Case Name: Chronister v. Basora

  • $9,000,000
    Wrongful Death**

    Wrongful death of a 22 year old woman whose vehicle rear-ended a stalled vehicle. Best offer was $150,000 but we resulted in a $9 million dollar verdict. *Reversed by the Third District Court of Appeals, and reversal affirmed by the Florida Supreme Court on sovereign immunity grounds. Amount of verdict at the time was believed to be the largest in Florida for a single parent for an adult child who was wrongfully killed.

    Case Name: Pollock v. FHP

  • $3,000,000
    Medical Malpractice
  • $2,400,000
    Negligent Security

    Inadequate security at the racetrack, resulting in serious injury and a $2.4 million dollar settlement. 

    Case Name: Haines v. Gulfstream

  • $2,300,000
    Auto Accident

    Our client was stopped at a red light when he was rear-ended by another vehicle in a low impact accident. Our client sustained neck and low back injuries, requiring surgery. As a result of the first surgery, our client developed complex regional pain syndrome (previously known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy) in his right foot. The case against the negligent driver settled for $2.3 million. The settlement did not include a release for claims against the doctor who performed the surgery, which is allowing our client to pursue a separate claim for medical negligence against the doctor.

    Case: Woodard v. Anderson

  • $1,800,000
    Nursing Home Negligence

    A 90-year-old woman fell eight times in a nursing home over a period of two and a half months, resulting in a severely fractured elbow, two surgeries, and subsequently died a few months later due to causes unrelated to the lawsuit (natural causes). Our result was a $2 million jury verdict less 10% comparative negligence (settled for confidential amount in punitive damages phase).

    Case Name: Confidential Settlement

  • $1,600,000
    Trip and Fall***

    A 73-year-old woman tripped over a bump in the doorway of Greenwich Movie Studios in Miami and fell causing left tibia and humerus fractures. Our result was a $1.6 million jury verdict less 15% for comparative negligence (resolved by high-low agreement).

    Case Name: Reynolds v. Greenwich Studio Inc.

  • $11,500,000
    Construction Accident

    A man was hired by Defendant Goldberg to assist in the installation of the roof of a Pompano Beach building. The unfinished roof consisted of only steel beams and insulation. The man stepped through the insulation and fell approximately 28 feet to the ground causing massive multiple trauma. The man died two days after the accident. Resulted in a $11.5 million dollar jury verdict.

    Case Name: Caron v. Goldberg

  • $5,600,000
    Product Liability

    Several Rhabdomyolosis cases resulting in kidney conditions. Case resulted in $5.6 million.

    Case Name: Baycol® Settlements

  • $2,300,000
    Medical Malpractice

    Failure to advise a woman of her breast cancer diagnosis, resulting in a $2.3 million dollar settlement.

    Case Name: Confidential Settlement

  • $1,900,000
    Trip and Fall*

    A 50-year-old man working on a yacht trips and falls in an open hatch injuring his back but not requiring any surgery. He had substantial loss of time from work. Their best offer was $90,000 and ended up resulting in *70% of a $1.93 million jury verdict.

    Case Name: Trussin vs. Imagine, LLC

  • $1,850,000
    Bad Faith Verdict Against Insurance Company

    Passenger was asleep in vehicle while the defendant was driving and negligently crossed over lane colliding with a dump truck traveling in the opposite direction. Client suffered fractured spine requiring surgery and permanent moderate brain injury and  insurance company refused to pay policy limits in Bad Faith. The best offer prior to trial was $1 Million. The case resulted in a $1.85 million jury verdict. State Farm refused to tender the $100,000 policy limit prior to the lawsuit being filed.

    Case Name: Clancy v. Kapur

  • $1,500,000
    Motor Vehicle Accident Wrongful Death

    Wrongful death of a man involved in a car accident resulted in a $1.5 million dollar settlement (policy limits).

    Case Name: Corcoran v. Tartamella

  • $1,350,000
    Pedestrian Accident

    After a referral by another lawyer to our law firm, we were able to settle the death of a 75-year-old woman, who was struck while walking in a shopping center by an underinsured motorist, in five month's time without litigation for $1.35 million, which were the policy limits of all insurance policies.

    Case Name: Confidential Settlement

  • $1,150,000
    Slip and Fall*

    Woman slipped and fell on water near an ice machine at a Broward Hotel. Best Offer before trial was $75,000. Our result was *90% of a $1.15 Million jury verdict in November 2014.

    Case Name: Johnson v. Tamarac Hotels

  • $1,000,000
    Motor Vehicle Collision

    Wrongful death of a man who died as a result of injuries suffered after a vehicle collided with his motorcycle. Our office obtained the settlement in this case approximately 6 months after filing suit.

    Case Name: Spencer v. Rosero & Meilan Limousine, Inc.

  • $1,000,000
    Motor Vehicle Collision

    Five family members were injured in a motor vehicle collision when their vehicle was struck by a moving truck. Our office obtained the moving company’s insurance policy limits as settlement for our clients’ injuries.

    Case Name: Alves v. All American Moving and Storage

  • $1,000,000
    Nursing Home Neglect

    Nursing Home Negligence-woman fell numerous times as resident. Resulted in a million dollar settlement in 2015.

    Case Name: Confidential Settlement (Broward County nursing home)

  • $970,000
    Car Accident

    A 48-year-old woman was driving her vehicle when a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction caromed across the median into oncoming traffic, colliding with our client. As a result of the collision, our client suffered multiple serious injuries requiring hospitalization and rehab. The case continues against another defendant.

    Case Name: Mais v. Ameritech Roofing Systems, Inc.

  • $959,900
    Nursing Home Neglect

    Client in a nursing home developed decubitis ulcer (bedsore). Best Offer was $150,000 and resulted in a $959,900 Jury Verdict ($159,900 compensatory damages/$800,000 punitive damages).

    Case Name: Revitz v. NME Properties, Inc.

  • $750,000
    Slip and Fall

    Woman slipped and fell at a restaurant, ultimately resulting in low back surgery. The case resulted in $750,000.

    Case Name: Argento v. Super King Buffet, Inc.

  • $750,000
    Car Accident

    A 58-year-old man was rear-ended on the highway, and the impact of that collision caused his vehicle to then collide with the vehicle in front of him, causing our client to suffer low back injuries.

    Case Name: Celi v. Zeliff & Tampa Armature

  • $730,000
    Medical Malpractice

    74-year-old was the victim of medical malpractice resulting in a $730,000 settlement. 

    Case Name: Glass v. Scherer

  • $671,000
    Wrongful Death*

    70 year old man fell walking down ramp over a car stop that was further down, with his injuries resulting in his death. Best offer given was $100,000. The case resulted in *60% of $671,000 (includes $300,000 a piece to a daughter in her 40s and a son in his 50s for their mental pain and suffering).

    Case Name: Willette v. Pathway Ventures, ltd

  • $575,000
    Trip and Fall

    Woman tripped and fell in an inadequately lit area, resulting in a percutaneous discectomy in her neck and low back, then cervical laminoplasty in neck. The case settled shortly before trial for $575,000.

    Case Name: Ruiz v. Wannado City

  • $563,000
    Pedestrian Accident

    Negligent driver suddenly made left turn in front of Mrs. Galang, which resulted in a knee injury. Best offer during trial was $300,000 and ended in a jury verdict of $563,000.

    Case Name: Galang v. McGrath

  • $533,600
    Slip and Fall

    Man slipped and fell requiring knee surgery. The best offer was $50,000 and our case resulted in a $533,600 jury verdict.

    Case Name: Wilson v. Winn-Dixie

  • $550,000

    Our client was a passenger in a motor vehicle. Her friend had taken his car to a repair shop to have the low tire pressure checked. The repair shop rotated the tire, which wasn’t requested by our client’s friend. Our client and her friend left the repair shop, and after driving about 300 yards the left front tire flew off and rolled under the vehicle, pushing the vehicle up into the air. The force of the impact caused our client to suffer neck and back injuries.

    Case Name: McCarron v. Monro, Inc. d/b/a The Tire Choice & Total Car Care

  • $550,000
    Car Accident

    Our client was approaching an intersection when the defendant suddenly made a left turn in front of him from the opposite direction and struck the driver’s side of our client’s vehicle, causing our client to suffer serious injuries requiring shoulder surgery.

    Case Name: Bumgardner v. Barbin

  • $510,000
    Motorcycle Accident*

    Taxi Cab driver ran a red light and crashed into motorcycle, resulting in injury. Best offer was $170,000 and resulted in *75% of $510,000 in a jury verdict.

    Case Name: Benitez v. Parker

  • $500,000
    Motor Vehicle Collision

    A 71-year-old woman suffered shoulder, back, and rib injuries when her vehicle was struck by another vehicle that made a left turn in front of her. Our client underwent shoulder surgery as a result of her injuries.

    Case Name: Carnevale v. Weinberg

  • $400,000
    Motor Vehicle Collision

    Our client suffered multiple injuries to her ribs, back, neck, and finger when the defendant ran a stop sign and pulled in front of our client’s vehicle, causing a collision. Best Offer: $150,000

    Case Name: Davy v. Jenkins & Palm Air Air Conditioning, Inc.

  • $352,900
    Premise Liability*

    73-year-old woman tripped and fell entering a church. Their best offer was $8,000 and our final result was *77% of a $352,900 jury verdict.

    Case Name: Savino v. Coral Baptist Church

  • $334,000
    Auto Accident

    Auto accident resulting in injury. Best offer was $80,000 and resulted in $334,000 in a jury verdict.

    Case Name: Donato v. Greenberg

  • $330,000
    Motor Vehicle Accident

    Driver and passenger of automobile were injured when defendant made a left turn directly into their lane of traffic and struck their vehicle. Driver suffered a fractured left clavicle and torn rotator cuff and labrum that required surgery. Passenger suffered fractured right clavicle, back pain, and bruised chest and knees. Resulted in a $330,000 settlement.

    Case Name: Inman and Carver v Central Air Conditioning Inc.

  • $322,200
    Drunk Driver Accident

    Drunk driver rear ended woman in her late 60s in which she sustained injuries to various parts of her body. The best offer was $75,000 but through a jery verdict,  it resulted in $322,200 (excess over $100,000 policy).

    Case Name: Stewart v. State Farm

  • $310,350
    Pedestrian Accident*

    Mr. Goldenberg was walking into a gas station and was struck by a car, requiring arthroscopic surgery of his knee. Best offer was $16,500 and resulted in *75% of $310,350 jury verdict.

    Case Name: Goldenberg v. Regional Import & Export

  • $300,000
    Premise Liability*

    84-year-old missed step and fractured hip after he was not given place to put on shoes and was told he had to put them on by stairs. Their best offer was $29,000 and our final result was *90% of a $300,000 jury verdict.

    Case Name: Beyer v. Just for Feet

  • $300,000
    Car Accident

    A woman stopped short on I75 and a 48-year-old man tried to avoid her, his vehicle flipped in the median and he sustained injuries requiring arthroscopic shoulder surgery. Best Offer was $5,000. The case resulted in a $300,000 jury verdict. 

    Case Name: Kata v. K.K. Car Company Inc, et. al

  • $248,000
    Slip and Fall

    Slip and fall resulting in injury. Plaintiff achieved a verdict of $248,000 after an original best offer of $21,000. The case ultimately went up to the Florida Supreme Court which upheld the Fourth District Court's decision that the offer of judgment statute (proposal for settlement) was constitutional, and TGI Friday's was required to pay almost $300,000.00 for the verdict after interest and an additional $450,000.00 in attorney's fees. This case established that the offer of judgment statute was mandatory and constitutional.

    Case Name: Dvorak v. TGI Friday's

  • $212,800
    Motor Vehicle Accident

    Auto accident resulting in closed head trauma and soft tissue injuries. Best offer was $25,501 and resulted in a jury verdict of $212,800.

    Case Name: Harstad v. Scene Stealer and USAA

  • $200,000
    Trip and Fall

    84 year old woman forgot she was in a raised booth at dinner, stepped from the booth, fell and broke her hip. Her prior attorney could not get an offer before filing the lawsuit. Our team secured a $200,000 settlement. 

    Case Name: Mula v. Applebees

  • $170,000
    Rear-End Accident

    Plaintiff was rear-ended in two separate accidents. Offered $35,000 but we secured a $170,000 jury verdict.

    Case Name: DiPaolo v. Carroll

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