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Broward County and South Florida is a mecca for brain injuries and related accidents. The great weather and water sports availability increases the chances that engaging in any of these sports and activities can result in a very severe brain injury. Many brain injury accidents result from bicycle and moped accidents, motorcycle crashes, boating activities, and recreational activities such as horseback riding, ice-skating, riding all-terrain vehicles (ATV, 3 or 4-wheelers), and participating in sports of almost any kind.

A frightening aspect of brain injuries is that they can happen just about anywhere. The majority of people who suffer from traumatic brain injuries are young children between the ages of 0-4 and adolescents. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), most brain injuries are caused by falls. The second leading cause of brain injuries are traffic or motor vehicle related. When injuries result from falling, car accidents, or a blow to the head, they are referred to as closed head injuries. Other diagnosis terms that you may hear are “mild traumatic brain injury” or “post-concussion syndrome.” When brain injuries result from an object penetrating the brain, they are referred to as penetrating injuries

Brain Injury

The Speech-Language-Hearing Association classifies both types of injuries as traumatic brain injuries and indicates 2 types of brain damage that result from those injuries.

The following are listed as primary brain damage and result from the moment the individual experiences during the accident:

  • Skull fracture
  • Contusions/bruises
  • Hematomas/blood clots
  • Lacerations
  • Nerve damage

The following are considered secondary brain damage, which develop over time after the accident:

  • Brain swelling
  • Increased pressure inside the skull
  • Epilepsy
  • Intracranial infection
  • Fever
  • Hematoma
  • Low or high blood pressure
  • Low sodium
  • Anemia
  • Too much or too little carbon monoxide
  • Abnormal blood coagulation
  • Cardiac changes
  • Lung changes
  • Nutritional changes

Brain Injury Statistics

The Florida Department of Health (FDOH) indicates that from the years 2005 to 2007, more than 74,000 people visited the emergency room for traumatic brain injuries. In addition, more than 18,000 individuals were hospitalized, and close to 4,000 people died due to traumatic brain injuries. Miami-Dade ranks the highest in traumatic brain injuries out of all the counties in Florida, followed by Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Effects of Brain Injuries

The majority of individuals suffering from traumatic brain injury require long-term or lifelong treatment. Many brain injury victims are not able to work. Many suffer from prolonged anxiety and depression, have difficulty with memory and problem solving, and have inconsistent temperaments. A severe traumatic brain injury can affect thinking, language, learning, emotions, behavior, and sensation. Brain injuries can also cause epilepsy and increase the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Information for Families of Brain injury Victims

Family members must adjust their lifestyles to accommodate the individual suffering with brain injuries. In severe brain injury cases, individuals require 24-hour medical assistance. Many families cannot afford medical home care and are forced to quit their jobs in order to provide adequate care for the brain injury victim. Family members of brain injury victims often seek several forms of therapy to cope with the sudden changes and emotional and financial impact of this injury.

It is important for families of individuals suffering with traumatic brain injury to understand that rehabilitation takes years and requires patience on their part. Brain injury sufferers need more time to think and should not be interrupted while they are speaking. Additionally, families should not confuse brain injury with lack of intelligence. The person injured needs time to connect thoughts with sentences, therefore, it may take the individual more time to speak or remember. Families are encouraged to be supportive and should refrain from criticizing or giving up on the individual.

Experienced Coral Springs Brain Injury Lawyers

At Law Offices Cytryn & Velazquez, P.A., we have the resources necessary to help you or your loved one experiencing a traumatic brain injury. Our attorneys work with a network of doctors and specialists to treat your injuries and have over 40 years of experience handling brain injury cases.

In particular, our firm handled the tragic case of Lenhart v. Basora, in which a young woman suffered permanent brain injury after being struck by a car while riding on a scooter. The defendant driver crashed into the young woman, and the force of the collision caused her to land 20 feet away from the car. The jury returned a verdict of more than $11.8 million, although it found the victim to be 2/3 at fault for not wearing a helmet. On the appeal, also argued by Mr. Cytryn, the court agreed that the jury’s finding of the victim’s percentage of fault could not stand, based upon certain evidence that was excluded. Our firm tirelessly sought fair compensation for this young woman’s severe brain injuries, to get care for her for the remainder of her life.

In another case we handled, a young college student sustained a brain injury and brain damage as a sleeping passenger in a car crash. The negligent driver’s insurance company would not pay the claimed $100,000 policy limits, and the jury ultimately returned a nearly $1.9 million verdict. However, if you looked at him today, and even if you spoke with him, you would have no idea that he sustained a brain injury. The insurance company, State Farm, paid every penny as a bad faith excess jury verdict. In cases like these, we understand and appreciate the sensitivities and difficulties experienced by the families of the victim and use our experience to help our clients.

If you or a loved one has sustained any kind of brain injury from a car accident, fall, or assault, call the Coral Springs brain injury lawyers now at (954) 833-1440 for a free consultation, and allow us to evaluate your case. We will do the best that we can to help you and your family in this terrible time.

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