A Tragic Case of Failure to Warn & Premises Liability Struck the Hearts of the Orlando Community at ICON

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Tyre Sampson, at the young age of 14, fell to his death after the alleged negligence of ICON Park on March 24th. It is imperative that every venue, be it for entertainment, business, or any purpose, realize the importance of its duty to its patrons and the public to keep them safe.

The breach of this duty can have catastrophic consequences not only for the business but more importantly for the public. These types of injuries, although usually arising out of a combination of factors, are often preventable.

Some questions that are buzzing through our minds in the wake of this incident:

  • What could have caused this?
  • What kind of procedures did ICON have in place to prevent these kinds of incidents?
  • Are all of the rides regularly inspected?
  • Did ICON fail to warn its patrons of the potential risk incurred on this ride?
  • Was this simply a freak accident beyond the proximate cause of ICON’s actions or was this a direct consequence that we can trace back to the actions or inactions of ICON?

A court will likely have to decide what the statutory survivors are entitled to, quite possibly in a jury trial, unless there is a settlement beforehand.

Here at the Law Offices of Cytryn & Velazquez, our purpose is to seek justice and retribution for victims of negligence. Although some things can never be replaced, we strive to provide plaintiffs and their families the compensation that they deserve in both death and injury cases. Contact us today for a free consultation at (954) 833-1440.

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