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Personal Injury Lawyer Helps Accident Victims in Parkland and BrowardAccident Attorney Handling Personal Injury Cases in South Florida

An accident in Parkland or anywhere in South Florida where a person has been injured should be handled by a personal injury lawyer who takes accident cases such as car accidents resulting from drunk driving, running red lights or stop signs, failing to yield (failing to use due care), and any other type of negligence on the part of the other person. We represent victims who were struck by a car while they were walking or struck while riding a bicycle. We handle motorcycle and truck accident cases as well.

We also represent fall accident victims that trip or slip in negligent restaurants, supermarkets, private residences, convenience stores, and many other properties. TGI Fridays, JC Penny, Publix, and Walgreens are just a few companies that we have handled slip and fall accident cases against. We handle boating accidents, personal watercraft and Jet Ski accidents, construction and ladder accidents, and nursing home abuse cases too.

What we can do for you

Before you assume you don’t have a case, it’s worth calling our attorneys to find out. The consultation is free, and we are always available to listen to the details of your accident and see if it is a case that we can represent you for. Even if we decide that the case is not large enough for our personal injury law firm, we may be able to send you out to another qualified law firm to handle your case. Our top concern is to provide clients with quality service throughout the case.

Car accident victims (and you that have other types of cases) might be asking yourself, “Why should I hire a personal injury attorney when I can go through my insurance company?” Unfortunately, insurance companies are not looking out for your best interest. 90% of the time, they will make offers for far less than your case is actually worth. Think about it; the less money they offer you, the more money the company can keep, and the higher their profits are. For example, Allstate insurance company averages about 1 billion dollars in profit every year. Where do you think that money comes from?

On the other hand, our personal injury firm works on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you will not be charged anything unless we are able to obtain compensation for your case, so you have nothing to lose if you hire us. Whenever we obtain money for you, our fee will come from the settlement amount that we obtain for you. Therefore, it is in our law firm’s best interest to obtain the maximum recovery for your case. The contingency fee agreement helps assure you that we will do our best to get you the most we think you are reasonably entitled to.

Obtaining compensation is one of the many services our office provides. We can help our car accident victims with their property damage negotiations, unless they prefer to handle it on their own.; If you are without a vehicle for awhile and your car is being repaired, you are usually entitled to ‘loss of use’ money from the other person’s insurance company if you were not at fault. Or, you can rent a similar type and value vehicle for a reasonable period of time to obtain repairs, and you should be entitled to be reimbursed ‘reasonably’ for that rental. We often can help you obtain reimbursement for your medications if you qualify, It is possible if you have Personal Injury Protections benefits remaining, we can help you complete and send out so that you may obtain some reimbursement for lost time at work as long as and until those benefits have been exhausted (and then you may have to wait until your case is settled to get the remainder of the money that you are entitled to. We may also be able to recommend doctors and specialists in your area, even if you do not have health insurance, if we think your case is good enough. , One of the most important things: We are there for you throughout the entire case and the legal process to answer any questions or concerns. Communication is a priority in our office and we do our best to help you through this difficult time.

Do you want to see what our past clients are saying about our personal injury firm and the services provided by our firm? Take a moment to look at our client reviews. We also have client reviews on Avvo, which is a nationwide attorney directory.

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