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Florida Accident Victims-Helmet or not, we may be able to help you

Many individuals think that wearing a helmet will prevent or reduce brain injury. While helmets do provide protection and are very beneficial in lower speed impacts, at other speeds, brain injury might be inevitable. For example, if an individual is traveling a little over 17 miles an hour at the time of the impact, and hits the ground or a solid object, an injury to the brain is possible despite wearing a helmet. In fact, brain injury often results from how the head strikes the ground or object. Unfortunately, most helmet testing is done by dropping a helmet from a certain height rather than testing the angle of where the head was impacted while wearing the helmet. Testing for angular rotation of the brain is not possible because it has not been developed yet.

At higher speed impacts, the protection provided by a helmet is greatly reduced. For instance, if you are involved in a motorcycle accident where there is angular rotation during the impact, then you might experience a diffuse axonal brain injury, which is the tearing of the brain tissue at the microscopic level.

Parkland-Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Right now, we are handling a case where our main argument is that a woman on a moped's brain injury may not have been prevented even had she been wearing a helmet, because of the impact speed at the time her head hit struck the ground. That is substantiated by the literature. Anybody involved in helmet testing has to agree that at certain speeds of velocity upon the head impacting the ground, even with a helmet, brain injury is still likely to occur.

So if you or a loved one have been injured and suffered brain injury due to somebody else's fault while on a motorcycle, moped or while bicycling, and the other side is contending that the failure to wear a helmet caused this brain injury, and would've been prevented had you been wearing a helmet, call us to find out whether that's true.

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