Common Mistakes When Negotiating with an Insurance Company

negotiating with insurance companies

I tried to negotiate my car accident case with the insurance company. Is it too late to call a Tamarac car accident lawyer?

You were recently involved in a car accident where the other driver was at fault. Within a day or two of the accident, you receive a call from the other driver’s insurance company and they want to speak to you about your case. Say you decide to speak to them and provide them with a recorded statement. After all, you weren’t the one at fault, so what harm could it do?

…And there wherein lies your first mistake.


In this article, we will provide you with some little-known information and facts about why we recommend hiring a Tamarac car accident lawyer before speaking with any insurance company (including your own).

#1: If you think your insurance company is looking out for you and your interests, you’re wrong.

Think about it. Do you think that insurance company cares more about you or making money? If you think insurance companies care more about you (after all, you pay them, right?), you would be wrong. This means they are going to do everything they can to pay the least amount for your injuries and damages.

However, with an experienced personal injury attorney on your side, they will work with the insurance companies for you, because they really do have your back.

#2: Negotiating settlements and offers on your behalf to maximize your compensation.

Let’s say you take matters into your own hands and you are going to negotiate your car accident case yourself. You realize that the insurance company makes you an offer far below what you thought your case was worth. Now what do you do? Is it too late to call a attorney? Maybe, but maybe not.

We can review your offer from the insurance company and help you decide whether the insurance adjuster is well within a reasonable offer range based on the circumstances of the case, or if it’s worth going to Court.

It’s never too late to get an opinion from an experienced attorney before accepting or negotiating an insurance offer.

#3: If you provided a recorded statement to an insurance company, you might have done more harm than good.

Providing an insurance company with a recorded statement shortly after the accident (without the advice and recommendation from a lawyer) is often a mistake as most people downplay injuries initially after an accident. This is because your adrenaline, confusion, and nerves are active within the first 24 hours after a car accident, so you may not physically feel all the injuries until days or even weeks later.

Then, when you finally do begin to experience and feel pain or discomfort from injuries, you already told the insurance company you weren’t in any pain, which they can—and will—use that against you.

A lawyer will help prepare you for your statement to the insurance company. This will help you understand what the adjuster will ask you and how to best answer their questions and avoid telling them more than what they need to know. Remember, they are not on your side.

Contact an Experienced Tamarac Car Accident Lawyer for Help

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