United Airlines Employee’s Negligence Leads to Man’s Vegetative State

Nathaniel Foster Jr. already had a difficult life. He was a quadriplegic needing a wheelchair, tracheal tube, and ventilator. His fragile condition is exactly why his mother called ahead and warned United Airlines. She wanted to ensure that United Airlines would be able to help him get off of the plane safely, and she was assured that he would be.

Unfortunately, that is not what happened. Instead she watched as he was ushered off the plane by not four to six employees as would be customary, but just one aggressive employee. Foster’s mother alleges that while watching Nathaniel getting thrown one way and another, she tried to get the willing assistance of a nearby health care professional, but the employee giggled and ensured her that they had it under control.

As a result of the employee's mishandling of Mr. Foster, he was unable to breath and incurred permanent brain damage. To this day, Mr. Foster remains in a vegetative state.

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