Law Offices Cytryn & Velazquez, P.A. is pleased to announce that they have settled an automobile case where a then 59 year old woman, who we will call J.C., was involved in a significant car crash. A 16-year-old boy driving a Dodge Challenger traveling in the opposite direction on Federal Highway decided to make a U-turn as client was passenger traveling in a vehicle heading in the opposite direction, resulting in a near head on crash. Both vehicles were totaled.

She sustained leg contusions and some scarring on one leg, and a laceration of her left arm which required 9 stitches. She had some bruising and contusions. Ultimately, with her icing right leg, it actually caused an ulcer which needed to be cleaned out and treated for a substantial period of time. Both legs sustained some significant discoloration, which was substantially reduce by laser treatment after a plastic recommended that client visit a particular plastic surgeon.

Three laser treatments helped significantly in reducing the discoloration of both of her legs below the knees. The scar on the right leg is about 2 inches long and fading and the one on the left leg is only visible upon close inspection. She is comfortable wearing skirts or shorts out without concern. No actual plastic surgery needed to be done.

Client has some nerve damage in her right leg where the nerves in her leg beneath her knee for about 4 inches were damaged. It does not affect her walking or her ability to play sports, she is able to run pretty much full speed playing tennis. It does, however, feel as if there is a tourniquet around that small area below her knee.

Client was unable to play tennis within about 5 months of recovering from her injuries. Although the client was basically relegated to her house for about 4 months, she’s now back to playing high quality tennis and enjoying her life.

Client, who is a bookkeeper, had no lost wages as a result of the accident, and her medical bills were about $25,000. Almost all of her medical bills were paid for by her own auto PIP and health insurance.

The at-fault driver only had $100,000 in bodily injury liability coverage, but the remainder $250,000, was paid from her uninsured motorist coverage, and $400,000 was paid from her umbrella policy (please make sure to check your insurance policy to make sure you have uninsured motorist coverage in as much as you can afford).

Our law firm is delighted that with no actual surgery being performed, we were able to get this sizable result. Client is very happy with her attorney.

We are always available to listen to any accident, injury, or death cases that anybody would like to run by our office. Please contact us if you have an inquiry.

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