Law Offices Cytryn & Velasquez: Helping Make a Safer and Better World

Many people think that personal injury attorneys just make money and don't serve the ‘greater good’. At Law Offices Cytryn and Velazquez PA, one of our main purposes is to help others, and we are doing our part to help change the world, expose the dangers that exist to the citizens of our community, and help put a stop to these dangerous practices or conditions. Our law firm has been doing the following over the years:

  1. Exposing bad drugs which were manufactured and/or distributed by pharmaceutical companies causing people harm.
  1. Suing TGI Fridays for a dangerous floor surface in the restaurants which ultimately contributed to them changing their floor surfaces-- I believe nationwide-- and we believe that it resulted in them taking better safety measures for their patrons walking on their floors (it used to be like an ice-skating rink on their floors later at night when you could actually skate around in your regular shoes, that’s how slippery their floors were before we took them on).
  1. Suing places such as Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino where we discovered that at least eight people had fallen on a set of steps there before our client finally fell. Of course, we didn't know about the eight other people until we filed a lawsuit on behalf of our client, Mrs. Volin. Hopefully Gulfstream will care enough to revise the condition so that other people don't sustain serious injuries on the same set of steps. (Oh, and Gulfstream let both attorney Dan Cytryn and Mrs. Volin, know that we were “persona non grata” on their entire premises, and that we would be trespassing if we went there).
  1. Suing Comfort Suites Hotel here in Tamarac for a dangerous floor surface by the ice machine, resulting in a jury verdict of more than $1 million. Hopefully, the Comfort Suites chain has implemented anti-slip floor surfaces at their ice machines for their guests' safety, and hopefully have learned an expensive lesson.
  1. We had a product liability case that was probably precedent setting by taking on one of the biggest manufacturers in the world resulting in a confidential settlement and hopefully better safety implementation for their product.
  1. Handled the precedent setting and often cited TGI Fridays vs Dvorak case which ultimately allowed litigants who were essentially opposing frivolous claims or defenses to get their attorney's fees paid for by the other side under certain circumstances.
  1. Sued, and successfully settled a claim and made new law against a medical center whose managing agent impersonated a doctor and would physically perform supposed medical examinations on female applicants applying for jobs under the pretext of getting early approval for health insurance.
  1. Sued nursing homes for not properly taking care of elderly residents, resulting in millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts to those residents and their families.
  1. Sued insurance companies for bad faith when they didn't pay deservingly injured people, resulting in millions of dollars in injury verdicts against those insurance companies. Those companies had to pay millions more than they would have been otherwise limited to had they acted in good faith.
  1. Sued and successfully settled with Gulfstream Park Racing Association Inc. when trainers' employees living in the barn stable area were assaulted and attacked because Gulfstream Park Racing Association failed to provide adequate security many years ago.
  1. Obtained a jury verdict for an elderly gentleman against a retail sneaker establishment that failed to provide adequate seating for elderly (or other) customers to try on shoes.
  1. Presently handling case where vacation resort in Pompano Beach continued to have dangerous landings on steps in their townhouse residences, despite the fact that they had litigated with the contractor years before, knew that the condition was dangerous, and failed to make the requisite safety changes, resulting in serious injuries to a female guest staying at the premises.
  1. Ongoing lawsuit involving another Comfort Suites Hotel near Orlando that allowed raccoons to hang out in its pool area since it was built 15 years ago, until one day one of the raccoons finally attacked a six-year-old girl, and bit her father who attempted pull the raccoon off of her, resulting in parent and child having to undergo a series of rabies injections.
  1. Negligent security case where a 14-year-old child was beaten at Sky Zone Trampoline Park by multiple kids for no reason other than they thought that he had said something negative when it was a case of mistaken identity.

What do these cases accomplish? Most times, the only way to get the message across to BIG BUSINESS is by suing them and making them ‘fork up’ enough money to make it painful to them. We make them understand that if they don't resolve issues or stop doing what they're doing or do something different, then they will be sued again and again and again. Oftentimes, it may take only one of these lawsuits to wake them up and make them understand that their negligence or inaction is going to cost them money. That's their motivating factor for change. That's why big business and corporations are big business and corporations. WE KEEP THEM HONEST.


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