Having Trouble With State Farm on Your Car Accident Case?


Florida Lawyer May be Needed for Your Injury Case

State Farm historically is one of the worst personal injury insurance carriers in this country. They don't care about you, all they care about is their bottom line (no different than many other insurance carriers, unfortunately). If you were injured, it is pretty difficult to try to handle an accident case on your own and get a good result without having any idea of how to do so.

State Farm has a habit of ‘nickel and diming’, worse than most companies, and particularly on cases that they consider "smaller". How would you know whether they're offering you enough money? How do you know how to negotiate? Do you know how much to demand? Do you have any idea as to how much your case is worth? Do you know how much medical treatment you are entitled to get? What if you don't have enough insurance coverage?

We have databases that show us what similar cases are worth. We have over 43 years of experience in determining what cases are worth. If we file a lawsuit, almost without exception, shortly before we will go to trial, we will simulate that case before at least 12 potential jurors to see how they value the case. We actually have a company named Case Evaluation, Inc., that does that service.

We know State Farm insurance company’s games. In fact, we rank them a ‘D-‘. If one of your kids or grandkids come home with the ‘D’ minus grade, would you be happy? Well, we give them that grade for that very reason, because unless you challenge them, threaten them, and if necessary, file a lawsuit and take them directly towards the courthouse, you may not get the money that you deserve.

We had a case, for example, where they refused to pay what we knew were $100,000 policy limits on an accident that was clearly worth more than that. We took them to trial. Shortly before trial, they're offering us $1 million on a $100,000 insurance policy (believe it or not). We ignored their offer, went to trial, got a jury verdict in excess of $1.7 million, and State Farm paid us in excess of $1.8 million for that automobile accident case, 18 times more than what they could've gotten away with had they timely offered their policy limits. That's because they acted in bad faith, and they knew it.

That was not the first time that State Farm paid us in excess of their policy limits to settle a case. You need a lawyer who knows how to do this. Many lawyers think that the maximum they can get is whatever the policy limits are. Unfortunately, in many cases, that is the case. But in some cases, if they act in bad faith, they potentially are on the hook for an unlimited sum of money, up to the total value of your injury and damages.

State Farm is ranked by Fight Bad Faith Insurance Companies as one of the top three worst insurance companies in this country. A leading lawyer’s organization in this country ranks State Farm as the fourth-worst insurance company in this country. See what people all over this country have to say about State Farm.

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