Law Offices Cytryn and Velazquez P.A. turns $10,000 Offer on a Soft Tissue/Whiplash Case into a $130,000 settlement

Rachel was a high school senior driving home from school when her car was struck by another vehicle. Rachel was in the left lane and was hit from the right side when her schoolmate changed lanes and hit her vehicle with enough force that it pushed her car into the curb in the median and her vehicle flipped onto its side. Luckily for Rachel, she only sustained some minor neck injuries, much of which she had treated for before this accident. Her younger brother was a passenger in the vehicle that she was driving in and was unhurt.

The other driver contended that Rachel was speeding and had cut her off, so we had to hire a top-notch accident reconstructionist, ultimately proving that there was no fault on the part of Rachel. We also hired a vocational economist who was prepared to testify that Rachel would incur a significant loss of earning capacity in the future.

Through the course of the case, Rachel successfully went on to and graduated from college, and is now an RN working in labor and delivery at a hospital here in Florida.

Rachel’s neck pain started 4 years before this accident, and she had some intermittent treatment prior to the accident, but we were able to put together an argument that she had sustained an aggravation of a pre-existing condition as a result of the incident. Rachel had less than $1,000.00 in out-of-pocket medical bills, and no actual past lost wages.

So we’re publishing this case to show that no, not all of our cases settle for a million dollars or close to that, but sometimes you have to take a case with the right client, file the lawsuit, work it up, spend $20,000 in costs, and get the case done properly for that particular client. Not every soft tissue/whiplash case generates that amount of money or anything close, but Law Offices Cytryn & Velazquez wants you to know that when this type of effort is needed and justified, we will work our ‘tail off’ to get our clients the maximum sum possible. We have over 43 years of experience handling cases in cities like Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Lauderhill, Plantation, Sunrise, and Tamarac.

Congrats Rachel on a great result!

Another satisfied client