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Trip and Fall Lawyers in Margate

Representing fall victims for more than 36 years, the Margate slip and fall and trip and fall lawyers at the Law Offices of Cytryn &Velazquez, P.A. are prepared to help you after your fall accident. Slip/trip and fall accidents are an unfortunate consequence of negligent property owners and result in severe injuries for the person involved in the accident. The following are floor conditions listed by OSHA for the causes of slip and falls:

  • Spills on walking surfaces such as water, oil, grease, blood, and food products
  • Dry products such as dust, powder, plastic wrap, and wood
  • Polished or waxed floors
  • Loose floor boards, tiles, rugs, and mats
  • Ramps without a slip resistant surface
  • Inadequate foot wear

Although people mistakenly categorize slip and fall and trip and fall accidents, they are completely different. Rather than slipping on something, trip and fall accidents occur when an object is in a walkway or path. OSHA lists the common causes on trip and falls below:

  • Uneven floors or walking surfaces
  • Unexpected obstacles in hallways or walkways
  • Cables, wires, or extension cords in walkways
  • Abnormal or missing stair steps

Our firm handled a slip and fall case that took place in the restaurant, TGI Friday’s. Our client went to the restaurant to have dinner with her friend and daughter, when she suffered from a slip and fall accident. After her accident, our client was diagnosed with a herniated disc and also suffered from a fractured hip requiring 2 surgeries. The defendant restaurant employees testified that the floors of their work place were always greasy and customers as well as employees had frequently slipped due to the slippery surfaces of the floor. The defendants were found negligent in failing to maintain the appropriate flooring such as carpeting or mats to track off the grease coming from the kitchen. The defendant’s highest offer was $21,000. After trial, the jury awarded $248,000 for our client’s case.

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