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Broward County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Personal Injury Attorney handling Motorcycle Cases in Broward CountyBroward County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

We have handled many tragic South Florida motorcycle accident crashes, including those cases involving severe brain injury, and many cases with fractures and broken bones. We have kept a couple motorcycle helmets in our office from cases we have handled, but we also accept cases where the driver was un-helmeted.

In the past decade, the number of motorcyclists has significantly increased in Broward County and all of Florida. According to the University of South Florida (USF) Center for Urban Transportation Research, a lot has to do with the Baby Boomers generation picking up motorcycling as a hobby or sport. Since the Baby Boomers generation makes up a large part of the population to begin with, this is said to play a part in the increase of bikers. In addition, the majority of Baby Boomers have reached an age where they have adult children and more time on their hands to focus on hobbies.

The popularity of motorcycles in Florida can also be seen by observing the rate of motorcycle registrations over the years. A chart provided by USF shows that from 1991 to 2008, Florida motorcycle registrations increased by close to 3.5 times. Sadly, due to the higher number of motorcycle drivers on the road, motorcycle crashes are steadily rising. In 2001, there were 5,766 motorcycle crashes. But just 7 years later in 2008, the number of motorcycle accidents escalated to 8,313 (the latest report).

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Dan Cytryn is the founding attorney of our personal injury firm. He works with 3 associate personal injury attorneys and oversees every case that is handled by our office. To effectively provide quality personal assistance for each client, the firm assigns case managers to handle immediate matters pertaining to the client’s case.

We know that there are many personal injury firms in Broward and it can become a difficult process to select the right one for your case. But we want to make it easier for you. Perhaps the most important characteristic that you should be looking for in an attorney is the amount of experience he or she has. An attorney with little experience does not make him inadequate to handle your case, however, experience is important because the attorney can compare the dynamics of your case to similar cases he has handled in the past, and it can offer insight into new tactics that can be used for your case. Dan Cytryn has plenty of experience, with more than 36 years representing accident victims and handling close to 100 trials over the course of his career.

You also need to look for an attorney that is financially prepared to take on your case. This tip might sound superficial, but in fact, it is quite necessary, as many cases require filing a lawsuit, which could be a very costly process. One way to figure out if an attorney is willing to front costs is by asking if they have done jury simulations for cases they have gone to trial on. A jury simulation is a company hired by your personal injury attorney that provides a mock jury, which listens to the facts regarding your case. After a deliberation by the mock jurors, they come up with a verdict, which helps point out the areas that the attorneys might need to work on. It is basically like taking a quiz before a big exam. Some attorneys do not bother with jury simulations, but our attorneys like to do what is necessary to increase the chances of winning your case. Mr. Cytryn strongly believes in jury simulation and even has his own company, Case Evaluation, Inc.

Your consultation with our firm is free, so call now at 1-877-853-7466 to see if we can help you with your case. Also, you do not have to worry about attorney fees or costs because our office works on a contingency basis, which means you owe nothing unless we win your case.

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